Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Indicator Y s2317 - Turning Long 2283 At 1130am

The indicator Y short 2317 on FCPO short term technical trend trading had finally gave up its target 2155 and taken profit turned long 2283 at 1130am just now.

The trade generated 34 ticks and helped the indicator Y accumulating its profit to 272 ticks but still short of 128 ticks in reaching its 400 ticks target in the first half of year 2015.

What we wish to tell readers traders here is the indicator Y had been doing multiple PROFIT trades! Will it start facing multiple LOSING trades?

Anyway, we will focus on the long 2283 from now on. We will post a new stop and reverse sell trade signal one hour in advance once we get a clear indicative price. Will it reach its 400 ticks target at 2411 in this long trade?

Check back how many the multiple Profit trades had been initiated? Find back also how many multiple Losing trades since September 2014?