Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Indicator Y s2317 - If CPO Futures Above 2283

The indicator Y short 2317 on FCPO short term technical trend trading had reached 2254 the lowest so far, and the stop and reverse buy signal is still remained at high level, we therefore not publish the indicative prices until today as we did always mention in previous posts.

However, the stop and reverse buy trade signal will be adjusted much lower and sooner than we thought of if the cpo futures price is traded above yesterday high 2283 in next 3 to 4 trading sessions; if it does happen, we may even have a chance to see where will be the stop and reverse buy trade signal today.

For new readers traders, the CPO Futures blog is mainly focusing on the technical analysis especially on the stop and reverse trade signals; we are basically omitting all those important fundamentals like MPOB, Palm Oil Cargo Surveyors and many more unexpected data. However, we do sometimes update those news and data in view of their important fundamentals that may affect long term trend too.

Take your time, read all the old articles and pages, we wish that our blogs really can help you do some soul searching in technical trend trading, be it in short term or long term trend trading.