Thursday, 11 June 2015

Indicator Y s2317 - 162 Ticks At 2155

There was an error given in the previous post on the 400 ticks target at 2169. It should be at 2155 instead of 2169. We wish to make an apology due to the error and appreciate the alert from a reader trader.

After turning sell 2317 with a profit of 134 ticks against the long 2183, the short term technical trend indicator Y short 2317 will set its target 2155 based on the 400 ticks target that we did mention before.

Once the 400 ticks target is hit, we will temporarily take a rest since we consider the trading system has generated 50% from the yearly rate of return on the 20,000 seed capital. In short, the indicator Y has made 10,000 from 20,000 investment capital.

It is still over 100 ticks to reach 2155 target based on the current cpo futures price 2290. Once there is a stop and reverse buy trade signal published in a new post, readers traders can assume that the 2155 will probably fail to reach.