Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Indicator Y s2247 - Long If 6pm Above 2240

Without taking into consideration on any unforeseen circumstances, the indicator Y short 2247 on short term technical trend trading will have to cut "loss/profit" turn long once the cpo futures price is closed above 2240 at 6pm today. We put "loss/profit" here even though we believe that it will be hard to turn long below the short 2247 as profit!

Yes, any price at 2241 or higher at 6pm sharp, the indicator Y will be triggered with a buy signal!

The 400 ticks profit target for the half yearly performance will be much affected since it is really hard for the indicator Y to have its stop and reverse sell trade in another few trading days before end of this month with a huge profit. So, be prepared to have lower half yearly rate of return!

A huge profit in technical trend trading normally have longer time period before taking a turn. We will normally see huge "losses" in a very short period on technical trend trading as readers traders can see in the last losing trade on the indicator Y which had more than 30 ticks losses in a single trade when it turned selling 2247.