Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Indicator Y s2247 - Cut Loss Turn Long 2271 At 6pm

Since the cpo futures price was closed above the indicative price as mentioned in the previous post, the indicator Y short 2247 had finally cut loss 24 ticks and turned long 2271 at 6pm just now.

Two ups at 134 ticks and 34 ticks before the two downs at 36 ticks and 24 ticks respectively had reduced the June's accumulated profits from 168 ticks to only 108 ticks.

It had also badly affected the half yearly rate of return for the indicator Y short term technical trend trading. Guess how much is the half yearly rate of return now?

Four more trading days before the new second half of the year starts, we is expecting the worst since the chances to reach the 400 ticks half yearly target will be very hard to achieve. The cpo futures must go 188 ticks from 2271 which is meant 2459 will be the target! Mission Impossible!

Even it can reach in four trading day for the cpo futures price, the stop and reverse sell trade signal will probably not be able to be triggered! Thus, 108 ticks will probably be this month accumulated profit while 212 ticks will be the half yearly accumulated profits.

212 ticks is $5,300 profit per contract basis, so, the half yearly rate of return is 26.50% only (based on the seed capital of $20,000). We will double check again whether this will be the figures on the last day of June.