Friday, 19 June 2015

Indicator Y s2247 - 8 More Trading Days

Including today, the indicator Y on cpo futures short term technical trend trading must reach its 400 ticks target by end of June, or else, we will just use the last stop and reverse trade as a guide to calculate the half yearly performance.

For example, if the short 2247 is remained until end of this month and we only see the stop and reverse buy trade signal is triggered in July, we will use the 2247 as the last stop and reverse trade to calculate the half yearly profit and loss. That is, the accumulate profits in the first six months of year 2015 is 236 ticks per contract or $5,900 profit per contract size basis over the 5x seed capital we recommended since September 2014.

In other words, with $20,000 risk capital, the indicator Y did $5,900 business profit! It is a gross rate of return at 29.5%.

If it is a 400 ticks target profit by end of this month, it will be a 50% rate of return excluding the trading cost!

The FKLI using the short term technical trend indicator Y trading guides is definitely outperforming the FCPO in the first half of this year even the FCPO hit the 400 ticks target profit.