Thursday, 18 June 2015

Indicator Y L2283 - Game Over?

Yes, game over for the long 2283 on FCPO according to the indicator Y short term technical trend indicator trading guides which will probably have its stop and reverse sell trade signal being triggered in the afternoon trading session at 4pm!

The long 2283 will have to cut loss turn sell once the cpo futures price is last traded any price below its buying level 2283 at 4pm later today unless cpo futures price is pushed above 2283 at 4pm!

Have readers traders checked back the multiple PROFIT trades? How much is the profit? Will the multiple losing trades start?

Anyway, it is now believed that the 400 ticks target will probably not be able to reach by end of this month as the range to get it will be more than 128 ticks now! However, we will try to find the 400 ticks target again if the indicator Y is triggered with a sell signal today.

(Again, we wish to apologize for temporarily stop updating after June, be it reaching the 400 ticks target or not.)