Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Indicator Y L2271 - Sell If 4pm Below 2245

As it comes to an end for the first half of year 2015, the indicator Y will probably face another losing trade in the afternoon trading sessions today after having 2 winning and 2 losing trades in this month. We may have 5 stop and reverse trades or 5 round turn trades if the indicative price is triggered today!

Without taking into consideration on any unforeseen circumstances (as always!), the indicator Y long 2271 will have to cut loss and turn sell once the cpo futures price is last traded 2244 or lower at 4pm later today. Readers traders have more than 3 hours to digest what will be the price at 4pm today!?

Eye on 5pm again if 4pm is traded above the above indicative price 2244, which mean, the indicator Y long 2271 is holding on its floating losses positions at 4pm if cpo futures price is last traded above 2244 until next trading session and we will again post a new indicative price.