Monday, 29 June 2015

Indicator Y L2271 - No More Profit Can Be Added In June

After cutting loss turning long 2271, the indicator Y on CPO Futures short term technical trend trading will have no more profit added for the month of June (except losses!). That is, the accumulated profit can only be adjusted lower not higher by end of this month since it will be really hard to have profit being recorded in such a short period.

We still have two more trading day to see how much is the half yearly accumulated profit and loss! For sure, it will never be able to hit its 400 ticks profit target already!

We do not know when will be the next stop and reverse trade signal after turning long 2271, seeing cpo futures prices at low 2254 and high 2285, but, we will assure readers traders that we will post the stop and reverse trade signal one hour in advance if we get the indicative price according to the indicator Y trading guides.