Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Indicator Y L2271 - Crucial 2271 and 2285 Today

Today is the end day for June and it is important in marking the half yearly performance for the indicator Y short term technical trend trading.

If cpo futures price is kept trading between the long 2271 and high 2285 (or even higher), readers traders will probably not get any stop and reverse sell trade signal today. However, trading below the long 2271 will make the indicator Y adjusting its stop and reverse sell trade signal higher today, and we may publish the indicative price one hour in advance.

We can confirm that the half yearly performance will be 212 ticks profit or lower (definitely not higher) per contract size basis. This is because we will not be able to see profit today except losing trade. If the long 2271 is remained, the profit and loss will only be recorded in next month, July.

We will finalize the half yearly performance for FKLI FCPO by end of today in following the indicator Y trading guides.