Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Indicator Y L2183 - Taken Out FKLI Trade Signal

As readers traders can see the above title post where we have taken out the FKLI short term technical trend indicator Y trade signal which short 1804.5 since 20/5 and finally took profit at the market close 1743.5 at 515pm just now.

The short 1804.5 did see the FKLI went to the low 1722.5 before taking profit at close today. It is basically the end of the update for the FKLI short term technical trend trading according to the indicator Y trading guides, and here we wish to apologize to all readers traders that we fail to continue the updates.

We will only generate and publish those late trade signals in the Beta page that will be just used for record purposes.

We will mainly focus on the indicator Y on FCPO until the indicator Y hit its 400 ticks. It is still holding on the long 2183. To reach the 400 ticks target, it needs to reach 2479 as mentioned in the previous post.

It is a long journey!