Monday, 1 June 2015

Indicator Y L2183 s1804.5 - Where Is The FCPO Target

Refer to the Beta page, readers traders should be easily find the profit and loss and the previous stop and reverse trade signals. Look at the FCPO column and there is 104 ticks in the accumulated profit for the last five month which we considered that the indicator Y was under performed as compared to the FKLI based on the technical trend indicator Y trading guides.

Look at the long 2183 and think about the 400 ticks target that we did discuss in previous posts, it is really a long journey to reach before the end of this month! It is basically 2479 the target after minus out the 104 ticks!

Read back the old posts, readers traders should be able to find we had targeted 1888 when the short 2188 on FCPO, but it failed and turned long 2183. All these targets are not the technical Y profit taking targets, they are just the simple target that we set for the half year target. FKLI had reached its target and we therefore had ceased to write comments on FKLI.

We just wish that the FCPO can also reach its half year target of 400 ticks by the end of this month, it is about 300 ticks from the long 2183, then we can take a rest also. Let's readers traders fight for the other half , that is the 400 ticks, in the second half of the year.