Monday, 8 June 2015

Indicator Y L2183 - Can Reach 2479? Why?

If readers traders did follow up the previous posts, you all should know that it is JUST the 400 ticks profit target we wished to get in order to let us temporarily stop our non stop commitments in writing posts about the short term technical trend indicator Y trading guides on crude palm oil futures technical trend trading.

We had seen the FKLI reaching its half year target much earlier than we thought of and that was why we had stopped the updating of the indicator Y on FKLI short term technical trend trading. While the FCPO is still struggling to hit the target even though the indicator Y had so many times of opportunities to hit the target since we purely followed the stop and reverse trade signals, the target never reached in the past five months.

Based on the high 2362 opening this morning, we still have a long journey to reach 2479! The 400 ticks target!

Again, for new readers traders, please remember that we are not updating a new stop and reverse sell trade signal yet after turning long 2183. We will only post a new stop and reverse sell trade signal once we get a really clear indicative price.

We will post the stop and reverse sell trade signal one hour in advance as promised in our previous posts that we kept mentioning so many times.