Tuesday, 30 June 2015

2015 Half Yearly Performance For Indicator Y

For FKLI FCPO short term technical trend trading using the Indicator Y trading guides:
  • As in ticks per contract size basis, the indicator Y did an accumulated profit of 174 ticks for FCPO and 530 ticks (or 265 index points) for FKLI in its short term technical trend trading in the first six months of year 2015.
  • Based on 1 tick is $25, FCPO generated only $4,350 but FKLI generated $13,250 per contract size basis for the past six months of year 2015 as compared to the FCPO 701 ticks ($17,525) and FKLI 72 ticks ($1,800) in year 2014's first half yearly performance (in the same six months too).
  • Therefore readers traders should be able to find out that FCPO performed well last year while FKLI performed very well this year in the first half yearly performance!
  • It is 21.75% (FCPO) and 66.25% (FKLI) rate of return with the $20,000 risk capital so far for this year.
Readers traders will be able to see the details for the past six months in the Beta page since we have updated it today. We did draw lines to separate month by month stop and reverse trades so that readers traders can find them out the monthly indicative prices. 

Read back the old articles and compare them, do some soul searching and we wish you can learn something good from there. Start from September 2014 if can.

We stop here.