Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Indicator Y s2188 s1804.5 - Can FCPO Reach 1888?

Readers traders should realize that there is a change in the trade signal prices at the above title against the previous title on both FKLI FCPO stop and reverse trade signals based on the short term technical trend indicator Y trading guides.

As we had temporarily stopped updating comments on FKLI short term technical trend indicator Y, we however still make changes on the trade signal prices in the titles. Comparing to the previous post, readers traders can see the long 1802.0 has turned to short 1804.5 on FKLI.

The indicator Y long 2145 on FCPO had also turned to short 2188 as shown in the previous post but the trade signal price is only updated in today's write-up. Since there is no stop and reverse buy trade signals available, it is deemed to be holding on the short until further update.

We will try keep writing all comments in this post until there is a clear stop and reverse trade signal on FCPO. Can cpo futures reach 1888 in this trade which is the target of 400 ticks in the first half of year 2015 as mentioned in the previous posts!?
Again, readers traders are advised to come back to this post as the new updates will be kept posting here unless it is too long to read! 
It is interesting to see the RHB Investment Bank Research report on El Nino and La Nina dated 20/5/2015 today:

El Nino La Nina Since 1980
26.05.2015. Tuesday. Good export on the first 25 days from yesterday's might generate a very high figures for the April month above 1.5 million tones or even higher. Weakening Ringgit also showed another plus sign. This factors have generated pressure on cpo futures prices to trade higher and it was affecting the stop and reverse buy trade signal being adjusted much lower and faster.

We will probably see the stop and reverse buy trade signal today, either in the morning trading session close or in the afternoon trading session.