Friday, 29 May 2015

Indicator Y L2183 s1804.5 - FKLI FCPO Monthly Profit And Loss

We think that the short 1804.5 on FKLI using the short term technical trend indicator Y trading guides will not record its profit trade in this month. Today is the cash settlement day but the stop and reverse buy trade signal will probably not be triggered today, the accumulated profit 57 index points or 104 ticks will only be recorded while the profit trade from the short 1804.5 will be recorded in next month.

There were only 2 stop and reverse trades being recorded this month, one at 1802 with 54.5 index points profit and one at 1804.5 with 2.5 index points profit. The short 1804.5 have no stop and reverse reverse buy trade signal been triggered until today, will probably see it next month.

The indicator Y on FCPO had recorded 3 stop and reverse trades, accumulating 61 ticks of profits for the month of May. The 3 stop and reverse trade prices was at 2145 (+13 ticks), 2188 (+43 ticks) and 2183 (+5 ticks). Again, the long 2183 will probably have to record its profit and loss in next month since there is basically no stop and reverse sell trade signal today!

FKLI have out performed FCPO again using the short term technical trend indicator Y trading guides. FKLI accumulated 430 ticks profit in 5 months while FCPO accumulated 104 ticks only.

The indicator Y on FCPO will probably fail to hit its 400 ticks profit target by end of the June! Let's wait and see what will be the accumulated profit and loss for the month of June.

Go to the Beta page for details. Otherwise, readers traders have to search the titles of the posts published in the month of May for the stop and reverse trades.