Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Indicator Y L2145 s1856.5 - Taking A Rest?

As both the indicative prices on FCPO FKLI using the short term technical trend indicator Y trading guides start getting further away from the previous closing prices again, we may have a chance to take a rest without posting new write-up until there is a very clear signal.

It is believed that the stop and reverse buy trade signal on FKLI short 1856.5 is now near to the yesterday high 1817.5 or even higher while the stop and reverse sell trade signal on FCPO long 2145 is going below 2140 level.

Therefore, let's enjoy the fear and greed without any update from CPO Futures blog! We will try our best posting a new write-up once we get a very clear signal. Otherwise, hold on the respective position as mentioned in the above title.