Monday, 11 May 2015

Indicator Y L2145 s1856.5 - The Fear And Greed On FCPO

As the stop and reverse sell trade signal is getting lower again after seeing cpo futures price traded higher at 4pm just now even though we got MPOB data that seemed to be bearish, the long 2145 is remained. Thus, the fear and greed is getting imbalance with more greed than fear in hoping an uptrend on FCPO trend now so that the long 2145 can sustain more longer.

There is no trade signal at 5pm while the indicator Y long 2145 for the 6pm trade signal will probably not available also if cpo futures price is kept trading at current level or higher. We will post the indicative price one hour in advance if there is a clear 6pm indicative price on FCPO.

The indicator Y short 1856.5 on FKLI is kept performing well in favour to the sellers and the 515pm stop and reverse buy trade signal is 1813.0 or higher without taking into consideration on any unforeseen circumstances.