Thursday, 14 May 2015

Indicator Y L2145 s1856.5 - FCPO No SAR At 6pm

See the above title and compare to the future and previous titles, readers traders should be able to find out that the s1856.5 will probably be changed tomorrow to Lxxxx which mean the indicator Y short 1856.5 has finally taken profit and turn long Lxxxx at a particular of time, reaching the half way mark that we mentioned in the last few post on the yearly target of 800 ticks/points. This will probably be the best trade since the beginning of this year that help the indicator Y reaching more than 200 index points accumulated profit.

Thus, we stop updating any comments on FKLI short term technical trend trading based on the indicator Y even though the hint at the above titles will change if there is a new stop and reverse trade for FKLI.

The indicator Y long 2145 on FCPO had traded above 2192 high, we therefore not to publish the stop and reverse sell trade signal for 6pm. In short, hold on the long 2145 and see you tomorrow!