Thursday, 14 May 2015

Indicator Y L2145 s1856.5 - Buy If 1015am FKLI Is Positive

At whatever price above 1807.0 at 1015am, the indicator Y short 1856.5 on FKLI will have to take profit and turn long, which mean the indicator Y will turn buy signal as long as 1015am show a positive sign or any price above yesterday close 1807.

We will temporarily stop to post any comment on the stop and reverse trade signalS for the short term technical trend indicator Y on FKLI as mentioned in the previous post. We consider the first half of the yearly target has reached and we will focus on FCPO until it passes the half way mark of 800 ticks/points.

However, the post titles will still have the trade signals on FKLI. Readers traders will know the stop and reverse trade signals accordingly based on the post titles. We will also update the stop and reverse trades in the Beta page too but updates will not be immediate.

The indicator Y long 2145 on FCPO reached high 2233 but we still unable to post the stop and reverse sell trade signals. Therefore, it is believed that the long position will be kept holding until further notice where we get a very clear indicative price. Technically, the indicator Y will only start feeling more pressure if cpo futures prices is trading below 2190 at the 5 specific time that we used to mention in previous posts. Again, this is without taking into consideration on any unforeseen circumstances like higher high lower low, higher low lower high and so forth.