Friday, 10 April 2015

Indicator Y s2175 s1844 - Multiple Losing Trades

Readers traders should be able to able to find out a lot of "multiple losing trades" being mentioned every time we start facing losses. It is our main focus on multiple losing trades instead of keep telling you how great we are in making good trades.

As traders, you should know the term " cut loss short, let profit run" theory. Therefore, once you can handle your losses, profit will come to you "automatically".

FKLI short 1844 is now our focus, let's enjoy the "fear and greed" while finding the 1015am stop and reverse buy trade signal at 1853 or higher.

FCPO short 2175 is having some floating profit and the stop and reverse buy trade signal above 2204.

Eye on MPOB official demand and supply figures today. Here is an excerpt from Bloomberg news:

* Production in Malaysia seen +27% to 1.43m mt in March m/m, says Paramalingam Supramaniam, director at Selangor-based broker Pelindung Bestari, citing estimates from Malaysian Palm Oil Association

* NOTE: Production seen +18% to 1.32m mt in March m/m: Bloomberg survey

* “Supply is rebounding very quickly, so that would exert extra pressure on prices,” Hiro Chai, associate director at CIMB Futures, says by phone in Kuala Lumpur

* Production seen higher in March due to more working days and seasonal recovery in output, says Vijay Mehta, director at Commodity Links in Singapore