Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Indicator Y s2175 s1844 - FKLI Buy If 1847.5 At 1145am

The indicator Y short 1844 on FKLI will have to cut loss turn long if the index futures price is last traded 1847.5 or higher at 1145am today. If the stop and reverse buy trade signal is triggered, this will be the first losing trade after making good profit in the previous round.

FCPO short 2175 will face a tremendous pressure in finding the level of stop and reverse buy trade signal in the morning session especially knowing the news of zero export tax in May and "no" stop and reverse buy signal at 1130am. We will give the 1230pm trade signal once having the 1130am data.

We are still encouraging new readers traders to read all the old articles especially from September 2014 in following the short term technical trend indicator Y trading guides and its trading rhythm. Go to the too and read those articles from the beginning and wish that you all can pick up something good for your trading success.