Monday, 13 April 2015

Indicator Y s2175 s1844 - Can FKLI Reach 1857 At 4pm?

It is about 10 index points higher from current level 1847 to trigger a stop and reverse buy trade signal on FKLI short 1844 based on the short term technical indicator Y trading guides.

Pushing above 1850 will only see a better and lower stop and reverse trade signal in next few trading sessions, we therefore believe that the short 1844 will then turn to be a bigger loss after making huge profit in the previous trade.

FKLI short 1844 will have to cut loss and turn long if the index futures is last traded 1856.5 or higher at 4pm later today in about one hour time from now. Let's see what will be the price level when the next trade signal is triggered!

FCPO short 2175 is starting to feel the pressure again if cpo futures price is kept trading positive today even though the stop and reverse buy signal is remained high. This is because the trade signal will be adjusted much lower if cpo futures price trade near today's high in the afternoon trading session.