Monday, 13 April 2015

Indicator Y s2175 s1844 - Buy If FKLI Is Closed 1857

Without taking into consideration on any unforeseen circumstances, FKLI short 1844 will have to cut loss turn long if the index futures is closed 1857 or higher at 515pm today. Otherwise, hold on the short 1844 overnight for next trading session which may have even lower stop and reverse buy trade signal if FKLI is closed above 1850.

FCPO short 2175 is still struggling in finding its stop and reverse buy signal which is still above 2200 and it is believed that the indicator Y will not have its trade signal being triggered today. We will post again another update after 5pm if there is a clear stop and reverse buy signal accordingly to the short term technical trend indicator Y trading guides. Otherwise, hold on the short 2175.

For easy reference, readers traders may just go to the Beta page to view the previous stop and reverse trade signal prices. Please be reminded that they are those updated figures From January to March 2015 only (unless being mentioned accordingly at the bottom page).