Thursday, 9 April 2015

Indicator Y s2175 L1779.5 - FKLI 4pm SAR Higher

No stop and reverse sell trade signal was triggered in the morning trading session on FKLI today even we kept adjusting higher on the trade signal.

FKLI long 1779.5 using the indicator Y will do a stop and reverse sell trade once the index futures is last traded 1844.0 or lower at 4pm today (without taking into consideration on any unforeseen circumstances). The mind boggling now is the multiple losing trades on FKLI! Will we face the backslash after having a good ride on trend?

FCPO short 2175 is having about 40 points of floating profit now after experiencing the seven  multiple losing trades of 188 points in the accumulated losses. No stop and reverse buy trade signal available for now based on the short term technical trend indicator Y trading guides.