Friday, 3 April 2015

Indicator Y s2165 L1779.5 - The FKLI SAR

FKLI long 1779.5 had extended its long positions reaching high 1837.5 this morning at opening, and we still find no "clear" stop and reverse sell trade signal for readers traders to do a decisive step in stop and reverse trading. Unless the index futures is trading below yesterday's low 1827, we will assume that there will no clear signal!

FCPO short 2165 is still fighting on after experiencing the "fantastic 5" multiple losing trades! No clear stop and reverse buy trade signal yet and therefore we can assume that the short will be holding on as long as cpo futures price is traded below 2180 in the morning trading session today.

Iran's unconditional right to a peaceful nuclear program had finally gone through with the six super powers and we wish that the deal can contribute to peace and stability in middle east and/or the region. The question here is - will this deal cause the crude oil price tumble next week since Iran can export more oil?