Thursday, 2 April 2015

Indicator Y s2165 L1779.5 - The Beta Page

(Readers traders may go to the "Beta" page to view the performance of the indicator Y for year 2015. However, please do "Focus" on the losing month and feel the heat of losses! Read the criteria of the indicator Y in the Learning Corner and wish that you will also be able to find your discipline and trading rhythm. Go to the " indicator Y - 2014 summary " in the learning corner to see the multiple losing trades too and wish you know why we are asking you to see the multiple losing trade and the losing month)

FKLI long 1779.5 is theoretically holding on longer than we thought of and we kept mentioning those words like "soon" and "probably" had never come through in the last few posts. May be this is a mistake that we are just human!? The indicator long 1779.5 on FKLI will only do its stop and reverse sell trade when the index futures is falling below 1818. We will post the stop and reverse sell trade signal once the signal is clear.

FCPO short 2165 is still struggling on the short positions since the last closing price 2152 was just 13 points below its selling price. We will post the stop and reverse buy trade signal when time is right.