Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Indicator Y s2158 s1856.5 - Facing Multiple Losing Trades!

The indicator Y on FKLI turned short 1856.5 with 6 index points of profit yesterday, accumulating 51 index points or 102 ticks of accumulated profit in April so far. It is believed that no more profit will be able to record in this month but losses can still be posted in the last two days in April. Tomorrow is the settlement day for April contract, what will be the settlement price?

Facing multiple losing trades is never new to technical trend trading especially when an technical trend indicator continuously did well like FKLI in the past four months. Thus, be ready for the ride on multiple losing trades!

As long as not over trading, the risk capital ratio as we always mention will be able to keep traders alive since there was extra profits in the four months giving more buffer!

The indicator Y short 1856.5 on FKLI is now having "no" stop and reverse buy trade signal. We will post a new stop and reverse trade signal in due course. ((amended: the indicator Y will cut loss turn long if the index futures is last traded 1861.0 or higher at 1015am today. Otherwise, hold on the short until next stop and reverse trade signal is given.))

The indicator Y short 2158 on FCPO is also finding no stop and reverse buy trade signal, and we believe readers traders are enjoying the fear and greed now!