Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Indicator Y s2158 L1850.5 - FKLI Sell If 1245pm Below 1856.5

As stated at the above title, the indicator Y long 1850.5 on FKLI will have to do a stop and reverse sell trade once the index futures is closed 1856.0 or lower at 1245pm today. Giving up the high 1871, the indicator Y will probably find its stop and reverse sell trade signal today with another good monthly accumulated profit for this month.

The indicator Y short 2158 on FCPO reached a low 2075 with no stop and reverse buy trade signals available for public viewing until we think it is a very clear indicative price which we will post it one hour in advance.

Bursa Malaysia will be off on Friday until Monday, we only have another 2 more trading days to digest the profit and loss for the month of April. Looking at the present positions, we are expecting the FCPO will have another bad month since the profit or loss on the short position will probably have to carry forward to the month of May.