Thursday, 23 April 2015

Indicator Y s2158 L1850.5 - FKLI Sell If 1245pm 1844

As indicated at the above title, FCPO short term technical trend trading has shown a short 2158 which was triggered at 6pm yesterday. It is basically no stop and reverse buy trade signal available for readers traders to see at the moment that we used to remind all when there was stop and reverse trade signals being triggered.

The indicator Y short 2158 reached 2141 low from 2161 high in its first hour. How far will it go after hitting 4 rounds of tight stop and reverse trade signals in this month? There are 3 losing trades and 1 winning trade. If the short 2158 is not realized in next 4 trading day, its profit and loss will only be recorded in the month of May. How much is the accumulated loss? -12-2+7-10 = ?? Find back the old articles and you should have the answer!

The indicator Y long 1850.5 is still struggling even though it is in positive today as the stop and reverse sell trade signal is not far away at 1844 for 1245pm. Closing 1245pm at low will probably make the stop and reverse sell trade signals higher and higher in the afternoon trading session.