Friday, 24 April 2015

Indicator Y s2158 L1850.5 - FKLI Is Fighting Long Battle!

So near and yet so far, the indicator Y long 1850.5 on FKLI was like a long battle over war hanging around 1863.5 high to 1839.5 low after its buying signal was triggered in 17th April. If one bar of the short term technical trend trading is equivalent to one day of trading, it had been over one month of trading days that holding on the long 1850.5 position.

The indicator Y long 1850.5 on FKLI is now having its stop and reverse sell trade signal being adjusted lower to 1840 and will probably even further away from the last traded price if the index futures is kept trading higher! Thus, we will stop posting a new stop and reverse sell trade signal until we get a clearer indicative price while holding on the long position.

The indicator Y short 2158 on FCPO is also fighting for its "survival" after seeing 2176 today and 2137 low yesterday. Again, no stop and reverse trade signal available for readers traders until we get a clear indicative price.

News on 17 percent up on palm oil production still need further confirmation with weak export figures to be released over weekend in order to bring in aggressive fundamental players!