Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Indicator Y s2158 L1850.5 - FKLI 4pm Trade Signal

Missing by just 2 index points at 1245pm, the indicator Y long 1850.5 on FKLI will have to eye on the 4pm stop and reverse trade signal. The index futures was closed 1858 at 1245pm just now.

It will have to do a stop and reverse sell once the index futures is last traded below 1858 at 4pm later today based on the indicator Y short term technical trend trading guides.

In short, sell once 4pm 1857.5 or lower.

Down 17 points in total based on the stop and reverse trade signals for the month of April, FCPO short term technical trend indicator Y will have difficulty to turn it into profit from accumulated loss in 2 trading days. The short 2158 is having about 80 points of floating profit will probably have to carry forward to next month, MAY, since the stop and reverse buy trade signal is still set at a very high level that will be very difficult to reach.

Traditionally, the fewer stop and reverse trade signals the better result for all technical trend indicator.

The indicator Y on FCPO already generated more than 21 stop and reverse trade signals in four months with less than 50 points of accumulated profits as compared to the indicator Y on FKLI which generated 14 stop and reverse trade signals with 153 index points (153 x 2 = 306 ticks which is more than 6 times of FCPO accumulated profits in the same period. Details will be updated in the Beta page after end of this month of April.)