Monday, 27 April 2015

Indicator Y s2158 L1850.5 - 4 Trading Days 20 Trading Bars

We only have 4 more trading days and 20 trading bars in this week for the short term technical trend trading on Bursa Malaysia Derivatives using the indicator Y trading guides on both FKLI FCPO to summarize on the monthly performance before going for 4-day long holidays.

The indicator Y long 1850.5 on FKLI is still fighting on the long position while finding "no" stop and reverse sell trade signals after the index futures kept pushing higher that made the indicative prices further away from its closing price. What will be the accumulated profit and loss for the month of April? Go to the Beta page to compare after readers traders have the figures.

The indicator Y short 2158 on FCPO  is also finding "no" stop and reverse trading signals for its short position at the moment, and therefore we have to keep enjoying the fear and greed! As a record, the cpo futures prices did hit high 2176 creating more fear and low 2137 building up more greed!

If cpo futures prices go lower, we will have less impact on the accumulated profit and loss in April. Go to Beta page, you should be able to see the monthly performance showing the weak rate of return for FCPO that still far away from the year end target. What will be the performance after April (keep on doing the data collection and 8 months down the road we will have the result!)