Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Indicator Y L2177 L1779.5 - When Will FKLI FCPO Turn Sell?

Readers traders need to know that whenever there is no stop and reverse trade signal being posted, it is probably no clear signal yet unless there is an unforeseen problem we fail to post an update and therefore we wish to apologize for such inconvenience that may affect readers traders. We definitely wish to know also "When" will FKLI FCPO turn sell! But, please do bear in mind, we did make mistake failing to post an update earlier and wish readers traders can understand our difficulties.

FKLI long 1779.5 is definitely having a good ride on the uptrend while its stop and reverse sell trade signal is also being adjusted much higher already which is a profit when the stop and reverse sell signal is triggered.

FCPO long 2177 did see high 2250 but it is still not enough to cover its six multiple losing trades. If cpo futures price is kept trading lower especially below yesterday's low 2197, we may see the short term indicator Y may have its stop and reverse sell trade signal being adjusted much higher than we thought of.

We will post the indicator Y stop and reverse trade signal for both FKLI FCPO once we get a clear signal.