Monday, 6 April 2015

Indicator Y L2177 L1779.5 - Floating Profit Of 70 Points

(Readers traders may go to the "Beta" page for some old data reference on the stop and reverse trade signals that we had just posted and updated not long ago for learning. Soul searching!)

It seems a long time for the indicator Y not having such a 70 points floating profit in FKLI after seeing the index futures closed 1849 at 515pm just now. What we wish to alert readers traders is the stop and reverse sell trade signal when it is triggered and how far below from the high!

FCPO long 2177 is now having about 70 points of floating profit like FKLI, but the profit amount in value is halved as compared to FKLI unless the cpo futures price is up 140 points!

Both FKLI FCPO using the short term technical trend indicator Y is having a good uptrend now while finding "no" stop and reverse sell trade signals! We will post an update once we have a clear signal.