Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Indicator Y L2177 L1779.5 - FKLI FCPO's SAR Today?

At high 1860 this morning, the indicator Y long 1779.5 on FKLI had reached a record high in its floating profit of 80.5 points in a single trade since the beginning of year 2015. What is our main focus now will be the stop and reverse sell signal form the top? Will it be 1820s, 1830s or 1840s? Let's wait and see where is the stop and reverse sell signal on FKLI.

We will try our best to post the stop and reverse sell signal for both FKLI FCPO one hour in advance if we receive a clear signal according to the short term technical trend indicator Y trading guides. It is believed that there will be no stop and reverse sell trade signal available in the morning trading session.

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