Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Indicator Y L2168 L1850.5 - If FKLI FCPO Above Buy Level

If FKLI FCPO prices can keep trading above the buying level 1850.5 and 2168 in the morning trading session today, the short term technical trend indicator Y will have lower stop and reverse sell trade signals; therefore, readers traders will have to expect that there will be less updates today and we can take a rest from the high frequency non-stop posting comments!

FKLI long 1850.5 using the indicator Y has adjusted its 1015am stop and reverse sell trade signal lower to 1839 today from above 1840s yesterday. This is without taking into consideration on any unforeseen circumstances like higher high lower low data and others possible data that may affect the computation of the indicator Y.

FCPO long 2168 using the indicator Y will probably find no stop and reverse sell trade signal too if the cpo futures price is hovering in the positive zone in the morning trading session today. We will post a new stop and reverse sell trade signal one hour in advance if there is a clear indicative price after the opening of cpo futures today.

New readers traders need to read back old articles especially the multiple losing trades. Check it yourselves how much the losses had accumulated for the month of April and what was the biggest multiple losing trades' losses.