Monday, 20 April 2015

Indicator Y L2168 L1850.5 - FKLI Sell If Close 1841

The indicator Y long 1850.5 on FKLI will have to cut loss turn selling if the index futures is closed 1841 or Lower at 515pm today. The stop and reverse sell trade signal is kept adjusting higher because the index futures had failed to trade above its buying level.

The indicator Y long 2168 on FCPO is still facing the "fear and greed" while finding its stop and reverse sell trade signal remain at very low level. The 6pm stop and reverse sell trade signal may be adjusted much higher if the cpo futures price is traded lower at 5pm.

Readers traders are reminded that we try our best in keeping the posts short and simple. New comers are advised to read those old articles in following the indicator Y so that you can easily understand why we write such short updates. May be we can say that...we mainly focus on stop and reverse trade signals and the multiple losing trades, refer to other pages like the Beta page and the Learning Corner for the balance!