Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Indicator Y L2168 L1850.5 - The Fear And Greed

After one day rest without much changes to the stop and reverse trade signals, the indicator Y on the FKLI FCPO is making the fear and greed in a very obvious manner, especially both futures contracts reached high yesterday, giving readers traders to feel the 60% greed and 40% fear!

However, the indicator Y long 2168 on FCPO is starting over again on higher probability of fear after opening lower today. Trading range especially below 2150 will put a lot of pressure in adjusting the stop and reverse sell trade signal much higher than we expected. Eye on the next few trading sessions as we think we will have a very clear indicative price for readers traders to make decision.

The indicator Y long 1850.5 on FKLI is still enjoying its fear and greed while finding no stop and reverse sell trade signal as long as the index futures is traded in the morning range today.