Thursday, 16 April 2015

Indicator Y L2168 L1847 - The Second Losing Trade On FKLI By Selling 1840.5

It is seldom to see multiple losing trades happen in such a short period of time, we saw it did happen in the morning trading session today - Long 1847 at 1015am and Short 1840.5 at 1245pm.

As we mentioned before, multiple losing trades always happen to all technical trend trading, and traders are therefore need to familiarize themselves on multiple losing trades.

FKLI long 1847 had cut loss and turned selling 1840.5 at the morning trading session close, we will focus on the short 1840.5 from now on. Enjoy the fear and greed again since we are not giving the next stop and reverse buy trade signal until we have one!

FCPO long 2168 is probably holding on today unless we get a clear signal putting up a new post.