Thursday, 16 April 2015

Indicator Y L2168 L1847 - FKLI Multiple Losing Trades?

The long 1847 on FKLI this morning will be a short life if the index futures is closed 1841 or lower at 1245pm today because the indicator Y will be triggered another stop and reverse sell trade signal. In short, cut loss turn sell if 1245pm FKLI is closed 1841.0 or lower.

As said in the previous post, will we be facing multiple losing trades on FKLI short term technical trend trading! It is will the 2nd losing trade if 1245pm trade signal is triggered.

No doubt the rollover on FCPO to a new contract month is actually helping the long position lose less than we think of, but, just assume the same price long 2168, the indicator Y is theoretically having 19 points of floating loss at low 2149 even though the actual floating loss is 8 points at low 2160. This is systematically and simply making a record of profit and loss year after year for easy reference. We also never include the trading cost too and what we are giving here is a gross profit and loss.