Friday, 13 March 2015

Indicator Y s2295 s1816.5 - FKLI Long 1782.0

FKLI short 1816.5 finally did its stop and reverse buy trade 1782.0 at 515pm yesterday after hitting above the stop and reverse buy trade signal as given in the previous post.

Giving up huge floating profit at low 1757 when the indicator Y turned buy signal at 1782.0! However, the realized profit 34.5 index points (that is 1816.5 short against 1782.0 long) is considered the best single trade profit in the past two over months.

This month accumulated about 50 index points of profits already in just two stop and reverse trades. (Is time to worry about multiple losing trades again!?)

FCPO short 2295 is continuing its short position today with high stop and reverse buy trade signal above 2300. We will again post a new stop and reverse trade signal once the indicator Y has a clear signal.

(Those who have 101indicators On Futures Trading book must understand that both FKLI FCPO trade signals here is based on the short term technical trend indicator Y trading guides.)