Friday, 13 March 2015

Indicator Y s2295 L1782 - The 515pm SAR For FKLI

If the index futures is closed below 1773 at 515pm today, the short term indicator Y long 1782 will have to cut loss and turn sell at 515pm. Otherwise, hold on the long 1782 for FKLI short term technical trend trading.

It is trading 1775 while this stop and reverse trade signal write-up is written, it is basically just 2.5 index points away from the trade signal, which mean, once the index futures is closed 1772.5 or lower, it will trigger a sell signal for the short term technical trend indicator Y.

FCPO short 2295 is believed to be holding on until next week since the stop and reverse buy trade signal is remained far while having about 50 points of floating profit now.