Friday, 6 March 2015

Indicator Y L2277 s1816.5 - FCPO Short 2295

After hitting high 2400 since turning long 2277, the indicator Y long 2277 had finally given huge floating losses from 2400 to 2295 where it turned short just now. Can you take it!? If can, welcome to the club!

Seeing the 3 multiple losing trades in the previous stop and reverse trades amounting to 110 points of losses, the short 2295 had only reduced just one fifth of the accumulated losses against the 3 multiple losing trades even though the total January February accumulated profits reached 114 points (should be 132 after adding the 18 points from the 2295 short - 2277 long).

FCPO short term technical trend indicator Y is now holding short 2295 and will probably find no stop and reverse buy signal today.

FKLI short 1816.5 saw a low 1790 so far.