Friday, 27 March 2015

Indicator Y L2199 L1779.5 - The Greed And Fear

Greed on FCPO has its bad time and severe multiple losing trades hitting short term technical trend indicator Y (forget about good round in FKLI since we prefer look more on the multiple losing trades which is the most important issue in CPO Futures blog).

Fear is finally coming to technical trend indicator Y being hit with multiple losing trades in big amount per contract per size basis that we always want to emphasize on. Read back old articles in this blog since September 2014 and we believe that new readers traders will learn something good. Take your time and read thoroughly and you will find something good in your technical trend trading.

FCPO long 2199 will have high probability hit its stop and reverse sell trade signal in the afternoon trading session today with a loss again after experiencing 2 losing trades previously. We will post a stop and reverse trade signal again later today (one hour in advance for readers traders to read at best possible).

FKLI long 1779.5 is still holding on and we will only post a stop and reverse sell trade signal when it is clear sign to write in the coming update.