Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Indicator Y L2193 L1779.5 - The View On The FKLI Long 1779.5

The FCPO long 2193 is under tremendous pressure again after cpo futures price was closed 2166 at 1230pm just now that may make the short term technical trend indicator Y to have its stop and reverse trade signal being triggered in the afternoon trading session which probably at 5pm later today. We will post an update once there is a clear signal to let readers traders to have it one hour in advance; thus, readers traders may able to see the trade signal once after 4pm we have the data (and definitely before 5pm).

The FKLI long 1779.5 is having a good journey riding up on trend even though there were few chances that would trigger the stop and reverse sell trade signal. It is now back above 1800 while having its 4pm stop and reverse sell trade signal adjusted lower 1797 which mean the long 1779.5 using the indicator Y will probably have a good profit on this trade and may aim higher now if the index futures is traded near to high 1817 level!

Eye on 5pm FCPO and 515pm FKLI's stop and reverse trade signal today where we may try our best to post an update once we get our data after 4pm later today (provided that FKLI does not sell down below 1797 at 4pm triggering a stop and reverse sell trade signal as mentioned in the above paragraph).