Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Indicator Y L2190 L1779.5 - FKLI Settlement Day

Accumulated losses of 149 points in 4 multiple losing trades on FCPO and forget about the profits in the first 2 trades, readers traders can take the pressure of the 149 points or  RM3725 losses per contract size basis that happened in a row?

FCPO short 2163 using indicator Y had finally cut loss turned long again 2190 at 6pm close yesterday, making the accumulated losses for the month of March at 29 points per contract size basis. Therefore, it is the first losing month after making profits in January and February.

We will focus on the long 2190 from now on and post a new stop and reverse sell trade signal once we have it.

FKLI long 1779.5 is giving a satisfaction trend for cash settlement or rollover which will not be discusses in CPO Futures blog since they are up to readers traders own discretion on profit taking targets. We will theoretically rollover the contract price in March to April if there is no stop and reverse sell trade signal is triggered in settlement day today.