Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Indicator Y L2190 L1779.5 - 5th Multiple Losing Trade?

The FCPO long 2190 using short term technical trend indicator Y trading guides started below its triggered stop and reverse buy signal to the low 2160 in the morning trading session today. It is facing another floating loss of 26 points on top of the 149 points from the last four multiple losing trades. (Forget about the profit, focus on the losses!)

The indicator Y will have its stop and reverse sell trade signal triggered if cpo futures price is last traded 2145 or lower at 4pm in the afternoon trading session without taking into consideration on any unforeseen circumstances as we always like to mention - higher high lower low! There are other unforeseen circumstances too but we will not focus on in the CPO Futures blog.

The FKLI long 1779.5 reached high 1837 in the morning trading session, will it go higher and cash settled at high? As the stop and reverse sell trade signal is still at low near to 1800, this long 1779.5 will definitely have a good round.