Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Indicator Y Short 2331 Long 1806.0 - If Only Above 2180

The short term technical trend indicator Y short 2331 will probably have its stop and reverse buy trade signal being triggered if cpo futures price is kept trading above 2180 in the afternoon trading sessions. Otherwise, the short 2331 is remained which had seen the lowest 2106 generating 225 points floating profits at one time.

We will post the stop and reverse trade signal once it is clear.

<< FKLI long 1806 will probably not be able to see stop and reverse sell trade signal in next few trading sessions. The long 1806 against the previous short 1793 was actually have more losses than in theory because the short 1793 was a March contract which expired last Friday while the long 1806 was April contract. If a rollover of 5 index points as what mostly happened and traded on Friday, the trade was actually incurred 18 index points of losses not 13 points in theory and as mentioned in previous post. >>