Thursday, 12 February 2015

Indicator Y s2281 s1792.5 - 2 Ups 2 Downs

FCPO on short term indicator Y had 2 Ups in this month while FKLI had 2 downs, that is, the accumulated profit on FCPO is now 116 (+83+33) while the accumulated loss on FKLI is 27 (-13-14). Read back the posts in February and readers traders will get all the above figures.

Looking back the previous trades, readers traders should be able to feel the greed and fear especially on the cpo futures price, which after the long 2248, went up to the high 2357 before turning sell 2281 this morning. Giving up a substantial floating profit.

Please do not expect to have a lot of stop and reverse trades in following short term technical trend indicator Y. Read the articles in the learning corner of cpo futures blog to familiarize yourself.